Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge

Location:  Stevensville, Montana

Dates:  Apr – Sep 2006

Duties:  Visitor center, environmental education, light maintenance and woodworking

Hours Required:  24 each/week

New TributeLee Metcalf NWR was our first volunteer experience, for both us and the refuge staff, and for us it couldn’t have been a better start.  A friendly and appreciative staff, extraordinary supervisor, and an outstanding manager made our stay truly memorable.  The two sites built for volunteers were 30A only, but were upgraded during our stay.  The sites were in an area away from the maintenance yard, next to the “bunkhouse” where temporary workers were housed, and a washer, dryer, and large refrigerator/freezer were available for use.

Refuge SignLocated along the river in the Bitterroot Valley and surrounded by the Bitterroot and Sapphire mountains, the refuge is 2800 acres of ponds and woodlands.  There are hiking and nature trails, birdwatching, and fishing. 



Volunteer Photo2Our primary duty was to operate the visitor center on weekends, and spend the other day working on projects.  We were encouraged to select a project that interested us, and felt that we were members of the refuge staff. 





The area was full of things to do.  Missoula, with it’s vibrant downtown and university is 30 miles via four-lane highway, and Stevensville, a great example of small-town America is only three miles.  There are endless trails for hiking, great trout fishing, and excellent shopping in the towns throughout the valley.  Brenda Teaching

Refuge Pond View

Pond 8 View2

Contact Info:  Bob Danley, Outdoor Planner, http://www.fws.gov/leemetcalf/

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