Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Harris Beach State Park

Location:  Brookings, OR (just seven miles north of the California border)

Dates:  Aug-Sep 2007

Duties:  Conducting the “Junior Ranger” program for 6-12 year olds, and giving an evening program or nature walk.

Hours Required:  No set limit.  Junior Ranger program took about 15 hours per week

Angela & UsHarris Beach SP is a large state park on the Southern Oregon coast.  The host site was located near the office, in an area of trees and bushes, and had 30A service, which was adequate for this time of year.  Our Interpretive Ranger, Angela, was a joy to work for, always upbeat, incredibly knowledgeable, and appreciative of our work. RV at Harris Beach Working with the children was fun; we had a library of projects to select from, and tailored them to the type of weather; sometimes indoors, sometime outdoors.  Thanks to Angela, we learned enough about the area to conduct nature walks, and I developed a PowerPoint program on seals and seal lions for her use.  The park manager was interested in our activities and appreciative of our work. 

Harris Beach is located next to Brookings, which has a nice harbor, adequate shopping, and numerous restaurants.  Prices are a bit higher here since there are few routes over the coast range to the I-5 corridor, but not unreasonable.  There are lots of back roads to explore, and in the fall the blackberry and huckleberry picking is outstanding.

Arch Rock

Beach View West

Contact Info:  Angela Stewart, Interpretive Ranger, (541) 469-2021  http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_79.php

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